The Maine Women's Conference


Volunteer Job Descriptions

At the bottom of this page, there is a button to submit your information to be considered as a volunteer for our 2019 event. All committed volunteers will be given a free ticket to The Maine Women’s Conference (which includes lunch). For more information about volunteering on any of the committees listed below, please contact

Sponsorship Committee

The ideal committee member will have excellent networking skills and an ability to leverage existing contacts within the community to secure sponsor meetings and cultivate interest in The Maine Women’s Conference. This person should also be comfortable presenting/pitching to one or several people. This person must be organized in order to keep track of sponsorship progress and foster positive sponsor relationships through touch-points and regular contact. Finally, but most importantly, this person must be an evangelist for the mission of The Maine Women’s Conference and embody that mission when communicating with sponsors.
-Pre-Event: Serve as representatives of The Maine Women’s Conference. Commit to engaging and fostering a relationship with 3-5 sponsors. Time commitment is variable - plan for at least 5 hours per sponsor over the course of fundraising. End goal is to secure sponsorship dollars to be considered a successful relationship. Commit one hour every other week to a committee meeting.

Logistics Committee

The ideal committee member will have served as an event volunteer in the past and have experience with event organization and delivery. This person should have a positive “can-do” attitude, be reliable, organized, detail-oriented, and feel comfortable assisting with event day volunteer management. Most importantly, this person must embrace the mission of The Maine Women’s Conference and embody that mission while communicating, interacting and serving participants on event day.


-Pre-Event: Serve as part of a small dedicated team to define, organize, communicate and deliver a seamless and efficiently run event. Commit to a total of (4) 60 minute meetings pre-event in addition to the entirety of event day.

-Day of Event: Assist on the event day for set-up, guest assistance and registration or clean up. Event volunteers work under the direction of various members of the event committee, staff or other volunteers, who will provide task-specific training. Commit to one pre-event training meeting (60-90 minutes) and a minimum of a 2 hour shift on event day.

Marketing Committee

The ideal committee member will have experience in social media marketing, design, marketing, website development, content writing and/or email marketing. This person should be reliable, organized, detail-oriented, prompt, and proactive about seeking out content relevant to The Maine Women’s Conference. PR experience is a plus.
-Pre-Event: Assist with crafting email newsletters, creating graphics, and writing content posts for social media channels. Assist with creation of marketing materials for event day including program, posters, signage, etc. Commit to a total of two 60 min. meetings each month pre-event in addition to at least 2 hours on event day.
-Day of Event: Assist on event day with live tweeting, Facebook Live, and other communication tasks as needed. Minimum 2 hour commitment required on event day.

Programming Committee
The ideal committee member will have an interest in performing one or more roles to create the overall program of Keynote and Breakout Session Speakers.  They must embrace the mission of The Maine Women’s Conference and embody that mission throughout the process of communicating, interacting, and designing the MEWC program. Members will respond to the organizational vision and mission and an annual conference theme to seek, review, prioritize , select, and facilitate speaker participation at MEWC 2019. These volunteers should have experience and be comfortable with public speaking and customer service. They should possess a gracious, positive, “can do” attitude and be willing to help where needed. 

-Pre-Event: Keynote Speaker Selection - During the search for Keynote Speakers, assist the Board in identifying, researching and prioritizing potential Keynote Speakers. Assist in the coordination of travel, lodging and comfort of one of the Keynote Speakers. Form a relationship with the coordinator on Keynote        Speaker’s team and make sure all contractual obligations are met.
-Day of Event: Keynote Speaker Handler - Act as personal assistant for the day for the assigned Keynote speaker. Ensure their comfort and make sure all contractual obligations are met.
Breakout Speaker Sessions  
-Pre-Event: Speaker Selection Team - Assist in the distribution of an annual RFP for Breakout Session Speakers. Review Speaker submissions and prioritize potential selections based on organizational vision and mission, conference theme, and RFP requirements.
-Day of Event: Breakout Room Volunteer - (Day of Event) Assist as a volunteer assigned to one breakout room. Welcome the breakout speaker into the room and assist them if needed in setting up their A/V display and act as liaison with A/V team if any problems arise. Bring the room to attention and introduce the morning and afternoon breakout speaker on time in an engaging and enthusiastic manner. Thank the speaker when they are done, ask to be of assistance, and put the room back in order for the next session.  

Exhibition and Experience Hall

-Pre-Event: Commit to monthly meetings, with more frequent meetings in the 4 months leading up to the event. Committee members will create the database of potential vendors and be responsible for connecting with these vendors and securing registrations.  Committee members will also work together to determine the right mix of vendors and experiences so that attendees go home with useful tools they can apply right away to improve/enhance their lives.

-Day of Event: Volunteers will report to the manager and will assist with setup and breakdown; monitoring the hall and trouble-shooting for vendors; coordinating the Experience stages; helping to ensure smooth traffic flow.