The Maine Women's Conference

Reasons to Attend 2019 Conference

More than a networking event. Better than a social gathering. WAY more energy than your typical conference. We’ve rounded up the best reasons to attend The Maine Women’s Conference in September, 2019. We hope to see you there!

Why would I want to take an entire day out of my busy schedule to attend #MEWC2019?

  • To expand my network of inspiring women

  • To gather new ideas, tools, information and inspiration

  • To share my talents and ask the questions I’ve been dying to ask of other women

  • To hang out with other powerful women for a day filled with energy, experiences, and education

  • To have fun (yes, there will be lots of laughter!)

  • To meet and learn from women in Maine from many different backgrounds

[What I loved about The Maine Women’s Conference was] the positive energy and realizing I’m not alone to be at the crossroads of my career and assessing what is right for my next journey.
— Amy, MEWC2018 Attendee